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Macaroni and Koko

My cat, Koko, is carrying on a relationship with the neighbor cat Macaroni who lives above us.

Macaroni hisses when they meet outside in the common yard. I suspect that it's a more of a one sided infatuation.

When Macaroni walks up his stairs, Koko runs underneath and listens to the pattering of his paws above him. He watches Macaroni jump up the fence and onto the neighbor's garage with longing stars in his blue eyes. He waits at the window for Macaroni to come home. Where have you been, what were you doing, did you see any other cats?

I don't see the appeal. Macaroni has yellow eyes that don't blink. I once poked my head out the back door and saw this. Like he was watching our door. Like he was waiting for me.

But my cat adores him and so I shrug my shoulders and point out the window and say look Kokie, Macaroni is back.

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